When selecting hardwood or laminate floors to purchase, start by looking at the style and
color you like without looking at the price. Once you find what you really like, find out the price.
If it is within your spending limit, go for it, if its not, start looking at less expensive products with
a similar look to the one you originally liked. It is easier to go down in cost than up when you
are investing a large sum of cash on your projects.
Call or email us for a free estimate or if you need personal advice.

All Laminate floors are installed floating over recommended foam and plastic. These products
are scratch   and dent  resistant, NOT scratch and dent proof. Meaning they do not scratch
and dent as easy as natural wood would. Your needs and life style should determine if
Laminate is the right way to go along with how much you are willing to spend.
Recommended brand
Quickstep has a beautiful variety of looks and colors at different grades
and price levels. Most of all, it is a very good quality. Click on the name to go to their site.
Remember, don't over research too many products and "you get what you pay for".

With so many different styles and species to choose from, selecting hardwood floors for your
home can be an exhausting process. From the traditional oak to the exotic woods imported
from all over the world.  Hardwood is available in engineered and solid wood in different
thicknesses. Take your time finding what you will like and can live with. Remember, you will be
looking at the floor everyday for a very long time depending on how long you live in the same
home. Follow the recommendation above in finalizing your selection.
Contact us for a list of showrooms to visit and look at the different hardwood available.

Available in many profiles and sizes. Visit showcase Mouldings to find what you like.
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